Wednesday 5th May
Sunday 9th May, 2021

Badminton winners by numbers

1        The number of wins from Piggy French, the 2019 winner
70     The number of years since the first Badminton
55     The age Sir Mark Todd was when he won a fourth title, in 2011
44     The number of British winners
39     The number of male winners
37     The number of times Andrew Nicholson has completed
28     The number of times Mark Todd has completed
25     The number of female winners
22     The number of times Lorna Clarke (nee Sutherland) completed
18     The age Richard Walker was when he won in 1969
13     The number of antipodean winners
10     The number of riders to have won the individual European title and Badminton (Laurence Rook, Frank Weldon, Sheila Willcox, Lucinda Prior-Palmer, Ginny Holgate, Mark Todd [Open], Ian Stark, Pippa Funnell, Nicolas Touzaint, Michael Jung)
7     The number of Armada Dishes (for 5 completions) held by Andrew Nicholson
7     The amount of horse completions by Ballycotton (Andrew Harris & Sarah Bullimore), Comanche (James Robinson), Lenamore (Caroline Powell) and Over To You (Jeanette Brakewell)
6     The amount of horse completions by Get Smart, Merry Sovereign, Springalong and Troubleshooter
6     The amount of wins for Lucinda Prior-Palmer (Green)
6     The number of horses Lucinda won on
5     The number of mares that have won (Emily Little, Bambi V, Headley Britannia, Paulank Brockagh, Classic Moet)
4     Back-to-back winners: Kilbarry (1955-56), High & Mighty (1957-58), Great Ovation (1971-72), Supreme Rock (2002-03) (Sir Wattie won in 1986 and 1988)
4     The number of riders to have won individual Olympic gold and Badminton (Richard Meade, Mark Todd, David O’Connor, Michael Jung)
4     The number of riders to have won individual world titles and Badminton (Bruce Davidson, Ginny Holgate, Lucinda Green, Michael Jung)
4     The number of wins for Capt Mark Phillips and Sir Mark Todd
3     The number of wins for Sheila Willcox, Ian Stark, Ginny Holgate (Eliot) and Pippa Funnell
2     The number of wins for Frank Weldon, Jane Holderness-Roddam, Richard Meade and William Fox-Pitt
2     The number of Rolex Grand Slam winners (Pippa Funnell and Michael Jung)
2     The number of American winners (Bruce Davidson and David O’Connor)
2     The number of Irish winners (Mark Darley and Eddie Boylan)
2     The number of riders to have won under both long (traditional) and short (current) format (Mark Todd and William Fox-Pitt)
1     The number of horses to have won Great and Little Badminton (The Poacher)
1     The number of German winners (Michael Jung)
1     The number of French winners (Nicolas Touzaint)
1     The number of Swiss winners (Hans Schwarzenbach)
1     The number of stallions that have won (Chilli Morning)